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Last Sunday we went back to Harrogate, this time at the Flower Show. Despite having lived in the countryside, my family also had a mini farm, I had never attended such an event, not even as a visitor.

Besides, at first we entered the pavilion where the fruit and vegetable contests were held … and they all were really shiny like in advertising. There were also giant vegetables and my boyfriend was ecstatic: not because he is passionate about vegetables, no, he was imagining himself in the kitchen, cooking something delicious! -.-

We followed the pavilion path, so the next one included the nursery and some vendors … I bought a cactus and a succulent plant, to keep company … I have this strange relationship with cacti, they are among the few pottery plants that manage to survive a bit with me, the one I had in my room in college also bloomed, then I took it home and it started to dry. Rescue attempts have failed. Was it be the air? Other plants that bothered it? Anyone who loves cacti and has suggestions??

Back to the show, there were bonsai, lilium, gladioli, foliage plants, thematic areas depending on the state (obviously, Japan forever) and so on. Beautiful and colorful!

I think this was the area I liked the most, along with the one dedicated to art; clothes, fans and stairs…

We went there when Sue Maddocks demonstration was about to begin, which was really interesting for flowers and autumn fruits, her productions were really beautiful and balanced. I would love to have so much patience to learn flower arrangement, but maybe I should also have a well-stocked garden, and I just don’t have one right now.

Then of course I could not miss the honey stand, held by Harrogate & Ripon Beekepers’ Association ^^ I knew there would be lots of nice memories and souvenirs too! I also managed to make a quick tasting of various honeys; I liked some, but I know myself too well, I know I like more fluid and scented honey, so in the end I bought a jar of Yorkshire Blossom. I like it, although it is fragrant, it is never the same as flavor, but it depends on the period and the flowers that the bees visit.

We just made a quick turnaround to the outside with garden accessories and utensils and part with Yorkshire products, more so because when we visit some place, we like to bring home items that can serve as a significant memory or souvenir of that specific place; for example,  we brought home a snowball with the seagulls from Scarborough!

So, well, this post is a bit short, but there are so many photos, it is useless to describe so much when you can see it!

The Harrogate Flower Show is held twice a year: the next is scheduled for April 26-29, 2018.

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