These are 5 anime series dedicated to idols that I recommend you watch, if you haven’t yet! Some of them are currently airing, but you will surely find previous seasons in some archive.

Aikatsu! & Aikatsu Stars! & Aikatsu Friends!

I started watching Aikatsu! toward the end of the first season, trying to catch up to more than forty episodes to understand the plot, and I did it in a few evenings. If you’re a fan of Pokémon you’ll understand, to me Ichigo-chan is like Pikachu.
Aikatsu! came at a time when I was looking for something positive, both to see and to listen to: a period that I’m still in now, since I’m listening almost only to songs from the game/anime. I admit that, for those who want to see similarity to the reality, this anime has its limits, because it focuses on the positive sides of being an idol, without dwelling much on the negatives, such as the rivalry between idols. Despite this, I think it carries a good message: you run your own race, don’t base your actions on what others do.
The franchise celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017, with lots of events and concerts.
The second season of Aikatsu Friends! is confirmed for April, airing on Thursdays.

Love Live! & Love Live! Sunshine!!

You know this one, don’t you? I must say that Honoka-chan is special, as well as the first two seasons. The second season of Love Live! Sunshine!! shows the girls lost in the blackest misfortune, but they find a good compromise. In 2016 the franchise surpassed One Piece for popularity and sales. Now, instead of choosing new characters for a new anime, the idols chosen in the fan lottery will be the protagonists of a game.
Check my Instagram account for the pic of the stairs where the girls practice!

Dream Festival!

The only anime of this list to have a whole male cast. I wasn’t sure whether to watch it or not – much of my love for idol series comes from clothes, so… Once you know Kanade-kun, however, I think many of those born in the ’90s will develop a passion for this anime and watch the episodes very quickly. I find that Kanade-kun has many characteristics of anime protagonists of some time ago, those I grew up with. Then he has a killer smile, as every good idol should, like Ichigo-chan. Dear fans, don’t blame me, but I am really struggling to like Kurofune, even if I reevaluated them in the second season, since they had a little more character development.

Wake Up, Girls!

I like it because it shows that the idol world is not a bed of roses, but there are problems both at group and production level. I’m afraid I would say too much about this and I don’t want to make spoilers in this article… Although I’m the kind of person who likes to know how things end, I don’t really like spoilers, because people approach things with different states of mind, they may lose or misunderstand an important scene… and it would ruin the story. Go have yourself a nice anime marathon on the weekend or when you have some free time!

Pretty Rhythm & PriPara & Idol Time PriPara & Kiratto Pri☆Chan

There’s plenty of choice, the current series airs on Sundays. I think my favorite series is the first, Aurora Dream, with Aira-chan, or maybe the third, with Naru-chan and Rinne-chan, because it has some really nice songs. I stopped following the franchise about halfway through the first season of Pripara, although every now and then I check websites and wikis. I don’t feel part of the target anymore… I think I would recommend it to a younger audience. Although the protagonist has changed through time, Laala-chan is the cutest!

Cover photo: Nendoroid Petite Love Live Miracle – by Charlie (CC BY 2.0)

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